In-Home Solutions for Commercial Products

Monitored medications, never more than a few steps away

Patients need safe, immediate access to life-saving and life-sustaining medications. Physicians, manufacturers and payers need to know how and when medications are used in the real world to improve the way they serve individual patients and the broader healthcare community. myCubixx enables it all. 
myCubixx in-home

Providing secure, monitored, in-home access to vital medications

Monitored medications, never more than a few steps away

  • Easily fits on desktop or countertop

  • Intuitive patient interface for quick and accurate data capture

  • Improves patient adherence via secure, easy access

  • Places medications in reach

Creates cost-effective efficiency while being both turnkey and customizable

  • Self-contained infrastructure allows for quick installation, while its user interface can be tailored for specific scenarios

  • No complicated network or installation costs

  • Increases security and reduces human error

  • Eliminates capital outlay for hardware and maintenance

Ensures peace of mind and captures utilization data and patient information to drive informed care 

  • Provides visibility to all partners, such as doctors, pharmacists & caregivers
  • Enables product tracking and automates reorders 24/7/365

  • Easily generate reports for comprehensive information

  • Delivers truly connected care

Custom user interface

Adding to the simplicity of use, our touchscreen user interface works easily for all ages while ensuring peace-of-mind security. In addition, patient data is quickly captured and shared to all appropriate stakeholders.
The user interface can be customized to include:
  • Video or written instructions for patients 

  • Product name and toll-free patient assistant number

  • Multiple languages

Interested in in-home solutions?

At Cubixx Solutions we work with our clients to solve their inventory management and logistics problems, whether that's through one of our six solutions, or a custom plan created for individual needs. Reach out to learn more.

Making in-home infusions easier

The easy-to-use myCubixx solution stores product at the patient’s fingertips and takes the headache out of compliance reporting to keep their treatment on track.