Secure Storage


Secure storage for controlled substances and high-value drugs

The CubixxVault solution monitors and tracks narcotics, high-value drugs and controlled substances, automates reorders and electronically records data.
Doctor scanning a vial from CubixxVault

Zero footprint kiosk

  • The standard CubixxVault system contains a mountable touchscreen kiosk with the latest barcode technology and/or RFID. Whether mounted directly to the wall or placed on a shelf or cabinet, the kiosk requires minimal space.
  • An online, centralized dashboard offers comprehensive oversight of product and supply inventory across one or multiple practice locations.
  • Operating from proprietary software, the 2D barcode scanner electronically tracks products and supplies. The system includes dual security — biometric fingerprint scan and/or PIN code — for user-specific access.
  • A practitioner or tech scans the barcodes on pharmaceutical, medical or surgical supplies when inventory is added or removed, recording inventory electronically while greatly reducing paperwork, inventory loss and other types of cost depleting activities.

Ensure compliance with drug safe

  • DEA controlled substances are securely stored for compliance to federal laws. The solution’s onboard dual-stage authentication system combines biometric fingerprint and/or PIN code access, so narcotics are securely stored at the highest possible level.
  • Designed to accommodate space requirements, the drug safe may be secured to the floor or a wall, or placed beneath a desk, on a counter or a shelf. Since the drug safes are modular, additional units are available to expand with the practice.

Integrates with practitioner systems

  • The CubixxVault solution seamlessly integrates with patient management and/or point of Sales Systems — so products can be associated to a patient’s name, appointment date and types of products and supplies used on the date of service. Data is then transmitted to the point-of-service for automated invoice creation.
  • And since all information is electronically stored, generating reports is a breeze—from an individual patient to batched reports based on diagnostic codes, medication types and/or surgical supplies.

Interested in secure storage?

At Cubixx Solutions we work with our clients to solve their inventory management and logistics problems, whether that's through one of our six solutions, or a custom plan created for individual needs. Reach out to learn more.

Perpetual inventory management innovates narcotics, high-valued drugs and controlled substances

Clinical practitioners and EMS operations gain greater efficiencies while eliminating lost revenue due to product expiration, human error and other types of inventory shrinkage.