Medication Tray

The simple and flexible way to manage medication trays—reducing workload and costs

CubixxMT is an automated medication tray solution that’s built with pharmacy processes in mind. It makes monitoring medication quick and accurate—even on the go. Small and mobile, it generates insights for smarter decisions from just about anywhere. Even more convenient? Products come pre-RFID tagged for AmerisourceBergen customers, making it the most cost-effective choice on the market. 

How pre-tagged product—available only from AmerisourceBergen—improves pharmacy workflow

When you’re a CubixxMT and AmerisourceBergen customer, all products come pre-tagged and ready to go. You never need to order and tag product separately. This eliminates third-party cost and complexity—and frees your staff to do more.

Our CubixxMT solution increases pharmacy productivity

CubixxMT technology features

  • Expiry date and tampered product flagging
  • Compatible with all storage cabinets
  • Online dashboard with real-time data and insights
  • Mountable touchscreen kiosk and handheld scanner minimize footprint
  • Advanced inventory and split-billing analytics
  • Billing system integration for revenue capture
  • Auto-replenishment for easy ordering

Key advantages of our RFID solution

  • Pre-tagged products from AmerisourceBergen save time and money and reduce costs
  • Leased-based model reduces cost 
  • Mobile scanners improve flexibility for hospital-wide monitoring
  • Entire medication trays can be scanned in seconds

Interested in medication tray monitoring?

At Cubixx Solutions we work with our clients to solve their inventory management and logistics problems, whether that's through one of our six solutions, or a custom plan created for individual needs. Reach out to learn more.

Built smarter with pharmacy processes in mind