Dose Tracking

Single-dose, disposable packaging with real-time monitoring to boost patient adherence

Even the best medications don’t work if patients don't take them. Designed with that idea in mind, CubixxDT combines real-time dose monitoring for oral solids with a convenient and cost-efficient form factor—creating a scalable solution for any product with a strict dosing regimen. 

Boosting patient adherence without adding to patient burden

Provides immediate visibility into HIPAA-compliant data to improve care planning

  • No wait for utilization data

  • Online, centralized dashboard for oversight of one or multiple locations

  • Cellular information transmitted in real time to defined stakeholders

  • Customized portal reports on patients and participants

Improves compliance without requiring additional actions from patients

  • Patient-centric innovation built around patient behaviors

  • Records & communicates adherence information in real-time
  • Transforms adherence issues into cost-efficient exception management

  • Disposable, cellular connectivity means no patient record keeping, diary or inconvenience

Delivers value without disrupting patient or healthcare provider workflows

  • No gadget return

  • No network setup

  • No additional structure

  • Self-contained, cost-effective and a wholly disposable infrastructure in each pack

How does CubixxDT work?


Interested in dose tracking?

At Cubixx Solutions we work with our clients to solve their inventory management and logistics problems, whether that's through one of our six solutions, or a custom plan created for individual needs. Reach out to learn more.

Our patient-centric innovation records and communicates adherence information in real-time