May 7, 2019

Cubixx® System Receives the Excellence Award

SUZUKEN CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “the Company”) hereby announces that the Company and Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. (President: Satoshi Morikawa; hereinafter, “Yamato Scientific”) have jointly developed an asset management system for pharmacies, “Medifiims Pharmacy Edition” (hereinafter, “Medifiims PE”), and signed an exclusive sales agreement.

Pharmacies in Japan have been facing significantly changing circumstances, including the proliferation of franchise system, normalization of dispensing fees, response to home-care needs, widespread use of generic products, demand for a shift in the focus of pharmacists from things to people, and loosened regulations for remote-patient counseling on medication. Under such circumstances, assets handled by pharmacies have been diversified, resulting in increased needs for more efficient asset management.

To resolve the asset management issue for pharmacies, the Company has developed Medifiims PE by incorporating the Company’s know-how in the pharmacy management and effective use of assets into the medical facilities information and integration management system “Medifiims” developed and sold by the Yamato Scientific group for hospitals.

1. Overview of “Medifiims PE” and issues to be resolved by the system
Using a cloud system that enables efficient maintenance and management of resources in pharmacies, the system achieves the following:

1) Integrated management of assets

  • IT devices, dispensing equipment, supplies, vehicles, licenses, lands, buildings, etc.
  • Integrated management of all retail stores by the pharmacy chain’s headquarters

2) Reduced asset management costs

  • Improved efficiency of inventory operations and reduced operations through easy location of assets
  • Early identification and appropriate management of idle assets

3) Reduced business risks

  • Management of assets lost or taken out
  • Control of alarms notifying timings for license renewals required for business operations

2. Future developments
The Company will release the system on a trial basis in FY 2019 and roll it out in FY 2020 and afterward.

About Yamato Scientific
The Company and Yamato Scientific formed capital and business alliances in September 2017 and jointly developed Cubixx®. They aim to further develop new products and services through mutual cooperation. Since its foundation in 1889, Yamato Scientific has actively operated as a manufacturer of scientific instruments, laboratory equipment, analysisand measurement instruments, industrial testing instruments, and medical devices,and as a trading company handling high-tech instruments needed for general research and development, manufacturing,and production engineering. Yamato Scientific established Laboratory Design Systems Corp. (President: Satoshi Morikawa) in June 2015, with the aim to broaden its scope in the consultation for planning and designing medical and research facilities and the development and sales of total information management systems. 

3. Future prospects
The Company expects that this matter will contribute to improvement in the corporate value of the entire group in a medium-and long-term perspective, although it will render a minor impact on their short-term performance. The information will be disclosed at an appropriatetime if the need arises for the disclosure in the future.