May 7, 2019

Patents Granted for the Suzuken’s New Pharmaceuticals Traceability System

SUZUKEN CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “the Company”) hereby announces that the Company has obtained new patents for a system developed to secure patient access to safe and reliable pharmaceuticals and to eliminate risks related to running stocks and inefficienciesof distribution, which have been issues that need to be addressed in the entire pharmaceutical industry.

As a greater number of specialty pharmaceuticals,such as products with high medicine fees, bio-pharmaceuticals, and cell and gene therapy (CGT) products, for which strict temperature, inventory, and security control are required, are distributed in the market, the establishment of a safer and more reliable distribution system in compliance with the GDP guidelines has been underway.

Meanwhile, given that the society is aging and medical institutions and pharmacies are facing an increasingly severe management environment, various efforts have been promoted to improve efficiencies in the healthcare industry, including reduction in social security costs. Under this changing environment, the Company considers that a new distribution system is needed to resolve the social challenges:that is, to secure patient access to safe and reliable pharmaceuticals, eliminate risks of having immobile and waste stocks and suffering inventory loss due to natural disasters or failure of devices during transportation and storage, and overcome the inefficiencies of distribution.

To resolve these social challenges, the Company developed a system, Cubixx®, that meets strict traceability requirements for pharmaceuticals with Iot and RFID technologies and launched the product into the market in 2017. As mentioned above, the Company has obtained various patents related to this system on this occasion. Therefore, the Company believes that this will enable them to further contribute to resolving social challenges in the industry.

Overview of the patents granted

1) Drug inventory management system and pharmaceutical inventory management method (Patent No. 6235650)
A system that automatically accumulates information on temperatures during transportation and storage of pharmaceuticals and helps determine whether to resell the products

2) Drug inventory management system and pharmaceutical inventory management method (Patent No. 6415498)
A system that helps to adjust inventories of pharmaceuticals and determine whether to arrange an inter-regional/inter-Group transfer of the products as required

3) Predictive monitoring system (Patent No. 6408731)
A predictive monitoring system that detects anysign of failure of a depot for pharmaceuticals in advance
*Besides the aforelisted patents, the Company has applied for or obtained other related patent.

The Company expects that this matter will contribute to improvement in the corporate value of the entire group in a medium-and long-term perspective, although it will render a minor impact on their short-term performance. The information will be disclosed at an appropriate time if the need arises for the disclosure in the future.

About the Suzuken Group

Established in 1932, the Suzuken Group is one of the largest Japanese pharmaceutical distribution and logistics services companies and is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Suzuken Group defines its business domain as the “health creator” field. The Group conducts a comprehensive range of businesses related to medical care and health, including not only its core pharmaceutical distribution business, but also the research, development, and manufacture of new medicines, support for pharmaceutical manufacturers, the insurance pharmacy business and the nursing care business.In addition, the Suzuken Group is the only pharmaceutical wholesale company in Japan that has distribution functions (a "medical distribution platform") extending from pharmaceutical manufacturers to distributors, and from the distributors to medical institutions and insurance pharmacies. Additionally, the Suzuken Group’s strengths lie in its ability to provide one-stop solutions to meet increasingly diverse and sophisticated pharmaceutical distribution needs from the perspective of manufacturers, medical institutions, insurance pharmacies, and patients.

With over 2 trillion yen in annual net sales, the Suzuken Group is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan and employs approximately 16,000 people.

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