March 28, 2017

AmerisourceBergen enhances specialty medication management, storage solution Cubixx

Today, AmerisourceBergen announced significant technology upgrades to its Cubixx storage and inventory management solution, which allows health care providers and patients to conveniently and safely store critical, temperature-sensitive medications in their offices, hospitals or homes. Through the recent advancements, Cubixx units are now more energy efficient, maintain temperature within 1 degree at all times, provide enhanced RFID inventory tracking and feature replaceable parts for easy maintenance.

As pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to innovate and produce specialty medications, there is often a greater need for precise temperature controls. Leveraging solid state refrigeration technology powered by only 40 watts – less energy than a single light bulb – Cubixx’s increased energy efficiency can cut costs, saving patients on their energy bills and allowing a wider range of patients to access this ground breaking technology and the highly specialized therapeutics it stores. Previously, this service was only available via compressor refrigerators, which could cost up to $400 in energy expenses per year to operate.

“The patients and physicians who use Cubixx daily are at the forefront of personalized medicine. They need solutions that will allow them to store unique, temperature-sensitive medication more reliably, and we’re proud to be the partner to make that possible,” said Chris Flori, Vice President, Business Innovation at Cubixx Solutions, a part of AmerisourceBergen. “Medicine today is constantly evolving, and we’re dedicated to convening and working with the best partners to ensure our products, services and support are not only keeping pace but also industry-leading. Cubixx is a perfect example of that commitment to innovation.”

Working with solid state innovator Phononic’s EvolveTM solid state refrigerators, Cubixx integrated refrigeration systems move heat through a solid-state heat pump and natural refrigerant, which creates a uniformly cold chamber for specialty pharmaceutical storage. Evolve products deliver more accurate temperature control, and feature U.S.-manufactured semiconductor heat pumps that allow for stricter quality control and a sustainable footprint. Cubixx now maintains better product integrity within tighter temperature variations and gathers valuable excursion data for manufacturers of complex specialty therapies.

Additionally, in partnership with SimplyRFID, Cubixx refrigerators will now contain modular and removable parts that allow for on-site maintenance and lower replacement costs. Patients and physicians can have upgrades, modifications and repairs made to specific parts of the unit ad-hoc and on-site where possible, instead of a total unit replacement. With Cubixx units currently being used in 15 countries around the world, Cubixx is also compliant with most global regulatory requirements.


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