AmerisourceBergen updates its Cubixx specialty medication container

Pharmaceutical Commerce

RFID connectivity with dispensers and patients; energy efficiency for cold chain storage
For a number of years now, AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group has provided the Cubixx unit, a mini-refrigerator that can store temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals at the point of dispensing—even the patient’s home. A newly upgraded version features innovative solid-state electronics technology from a developer, Phononic (Durham, NC), that uses a heat-pump technique (rather than a conventional compressor) to provide precise (within 1°C) cooling with electrical consumption equivalent to a 40W light bulb. Another component, RFID-based readers combined with an internet connection, enable clients (or AmerisourceBergen, as part of a vendor-managed inventory program) to monitor the disposition of the pharmaceuticals stored in the refrigerator. A supplier, SimplyRFID (Warrenton, VA), provides modular RFID components that enable onsite maintenance of the RFID system.