About Cubixx Solutions

Creating healthier futures

A foundation built on enabling better patient outcomes

Tempting as it might be to think of Cubixx Solutions as a business built on the success of our original Cubixx Consignment system, the vision behind Cubixx Solutions has always been about enabling better patient outcomes by easing pharmaceutical administrative functions with more flexibility, accountability and peace of mind in the pharmaceutical supply chain. 

Global healthcare systems turn to Cubixx Solutions for automated inventory management

Health systems throughout the world rely on Cubixx Solutions for automated inventory management. Global clinical trials occur more efficiently with CubixxCT, allowing patients to receive treatment in their homes rather than at trial sites. Physicians can monitor their patients’ care more effectively with myCubixx, enabling patients to provide real-time, structured information about their current condition.

Today, Cubixx Solutions' proven, innovative technologies improve medication access on a global scale

Applying everything from RFID innovation to remote monitoring tools to customized user interfaces that capture real-time patient data, we’re transforming the way healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers and patients approach medication storage and dispensing.

A network of expertise with AmerisourceBergen

As part of AmerisourceBergen, we leverage decades of pharmaceutical distribution experience and healthcare provider expertise to create solutions that work seamlessly in a complex healthcare environment.